April 23, 2018
Persian Khodro
Cooperating with China is in favor of our country
2013/07/17 | 16:00

Cooperating with China is in favor of our country

A member of Industry and mines commission of Islamic Parliament of Iran said: under the sanction situation when no country cooperates with us, attracting foreign investments in any way will be helpful.

According to Persian Khodro Report, Abolfath Niknam also said that some countries such as Korea, Japan and China spend lots of money for investing on innovation, research and products. But unfortunately in Iran the cost of doing these works is at least. So that, cooperating with the mentioned countries would have good achievements for us.

He announced: "If the contracts, which is between Iran and other countries, have the interests of both partners, cooperating with economically successful nations will be helpful."

Tonekabon and Ramsar representative in Parliament emphasized that: "Chinese products have different qualities and the consumer can decide about that. Therefore, it is essential that the authorities refuse to negotiate with weak companies."

He noted that most of the countries would like to cooperate with a powerful and populous country like Iran. Under the sanctions, this partnerships is a bit difficult but possible.

He said: "China is a successful nation and cooperating with this country will be useful but the people who negotiate with them must put Iran's interest over their personal interests."