May 22, 2018
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Renault is looking for strategies to continue working with Iran
2013/07/27 | 15:31

Renault is looking for strategies to continue working with Iran

PersianKhodro: Renault spokesman announced about the new sanctions of America against Iran's automotive industry, while experts believe that the mentioned company does not want to leave Iran.

According to PersianKhordo report, Renault was the only foreign automaker which in addition to technology transferring, it proceeded to make joint investment in the field of automobile manufacturing in Iran.

However, some problems in recent years including limits on money transfering and automakers liquidity crisis led to difficulties in the production of cars under the Renault brand in Iran.

About two weeks ago, some news agencies reported that Renault sent a letter to automobile parts manufacturers in Iran and cut its cooperation with them. But it was found that Renault did not mention such a thing in its letter and it just pointed to some problems and wanted to reduce the production of automobiles which are under its brand (Thunder 90, and Megan).

In this situation, a new statement of Renault spokesman about Iran's automotive industry released yesterday which said about America's new sanctions against Iran's automobile industry.

He also emphasized that France will do its previous commitments to Iranian companies.

These statements were interpreted as the probability of Renault's exit from Iran's automobile industry; however some experts believe that the company wants to continue its presence in Iran.

In this case, the advisor of Iran Vehicle Manufactures Association said: "Renault is interested in continuing its work in Iran and basically the situation of this company is different with tts French competitor (Peugeot) situation."

He continued: "Recent comments of Renault's spokesman shows that due to the recent sanction, the company is going to find new ways to continue its cooperation with Iran."

He said that the mentioned company does not want to start the new sanction against Iran's automobile industry and emphasized if Renault leaves Iran and domestic automobile producers want to cooperate with Chinese, Renault's market will be lost in Iran but this company wants to keep its market; The market which has not been achieved easily."